the beginning…

i’m a weirdo.  i love food so much i just quit my day job – working in the fashion and photography industry booking talented individuals on creative projects.  well, to be honest – i didn’t quit but i did give like 2 months notice and i can’t be more excited.  don’t get me wrong… i love photography, i love fashion & yet, it’s simply not my passion.  that being said, let’s get back to food.

i don’t recall my first official food memory but i do recall lots of oddities that i’ll share with you now but hope you won’t judge (too much at least).  pickle juice… perfectly tart deliciousness.  i was a latch key kid and often took to the oddest food flavors to entertain my tastebuds while my mom was working two jobs to support us.  i couldn’t wait to eat all the pickles so i could get to the “good part.”  i also was not opposed to the scene in ‘the breakfast club’ when the almighty capt’n crunch was sprinkled on a ham & mustard sandwich.  okay, i don’t really know what was on that particular sandwich – but that’s how i made mine.  seriously.

you know those stories your parents tell you about your childhood that seem so odd at the time you think… huh?!?  but then later, you look back at & say, hey, that crazy tale might, just maybe, make a little sense now.  well, here it is… apparently as a very small child i walked around asking for “suckers.”  perfectly normal request, right?  well, i meant scallions or green onions or whatever you want to call them but that’s what i considered a delectable treat worthy of wandering around as one would with a lollipop or “sucker.”

i suppose that’s why even today i don’t have much of a sweet tooth.  but if you saute up some scallions or shallots and why not throw some garlic in there too – my mouth will to start to water, perhaps a little like a small child but mostly like a crazed cook seriously thinking about what deserves the pleasure of being in the pan of perfection.  and that’s when i start to get in the kitchen zone, because a delicious ending always starts with a beautiful beginning.

hence my journey to find… the  perfect last bite.

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i'm like you... a lover of food and life. i cook, i create, i photograph, i dream - i love.
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