okay, we are only one day away from the big turkey day feast and i’m sharing go-to tips to make your day smooth sailing.  i’ve got #1 and #2 here for those who want the whole list, and pics of last year’s bird here.  which brings me to a huge tip for those who are hosting or helping cook.  tip#3:  cook whatever you can the night before.  clean and prep the turkey, boil & mash the potatoes, assemble the ingredients for your casseroles, roast any vegetables and pretty much do anything that can be done.  the next day, while your turkey is resting & the oven is nice & toasty, these dishes can easily be re-heated.  there’s this great oven rack at sur la table that fits in most ovens and gives you a couple of extra tiers.  i bought it a few years ago and really don’t know how i’ve hosted the last couple of thanksgivings without it.  it’s also on sale right now too… bonus!

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  1. Sydney says:

    Yep I'm loving your blog. The recipes look absolutely delicious. New follower!


  2. perfectlastbite says:

    Welcome Sydney! Thanks for the support and the "follow". I'll check your blog out for sure… :)