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hey everyone!  i’ve been a little mia since my last post as i had a birthday celebration that started on friday and went thru tuesday.  i guess that’s what happens when your birthday falls on a monday, right? thanks to everyone who helped make this year’s birthday truly special (you know who you are) & thanks also to everyone for reading this and believing in me (you know who you are too!).

jk’s 2009 turkey

all this “thanking” has me thinking about thanksgiving and it’s just around the corner!!  we’ve got lots of cooking and planning to do.  stay tuned here as i’ll be blogging up until the big day with recipes & tips sure to make your day yummy & relatively stress-free.  i’ve hosted thanksgiving the last 2 years (that’s my turkey from last year above), and even though it’s a lot of work, i’ve managed to figure out a way to be a good hostess and make some killer food at the same time. 
the fact that the annual turkey day trot starts right by our loft each year helps too.  it forces me to wake up early to support our dear friends (and some unique strangers) as they run by, plus get a head start on the day’s festivities before anyone can arrive.  the run pretty much closes all the streets around us giving me an extra couple of hours to get things in place.  so, if you’re hosting, get plenty of rest the night before and wake up early, have a little “you” time and get a jump on the wonderful craziness that is thanksgiving!

the annual turkey trot

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