thanksgiving inspiration

big fat turkey day is in less than 24 hours and i’ve been sharing tips about being healthy, being prepared and being modern.  i had hoped to share more but we’re about to pack up the car and be on our way to a very humid and southern terrain… houston!  i’ll try and and post again before the big day (as i of course have more tips & recipes) but here’s a little thanksgiving inspiration. 

butternut squash gnocchi:

in a sage butter “sauce”

i made this from scratch last night.  i’ve never made any sort of pasta from scratch before so it was a nice thanksgiving challenge i gave myself.  the shape had a little (or lot) to be desired and e thought the sauce was not really a sauce.  he was right, of course.  but in my defense, i couldn’t really fathom how we could eat a bowl of butter before the thanksgiving holiday.  maybe i did something wrong… or maybe the butter is supposed to soak into the pasta and be just a light coating.  not quite sure on this one, folks.

but i’m super glad i did it.  this dish seems like a work in progress (as most good ones are) but the inspiration i received was more than worth it.  i’ll keep you posted on the final results as i have left over dough to experiment with.  for now, enjoy these pics, and i hope you find inspiration in the kitchen too!

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