chicago bound

chicago at night (courtesy of

whisking e away this weekend to chi-town (for his b-day) and terribly excited!  any dining suggestions??

we’ve got reservations at:  boka, the girl & the goat, and graham elliot.  we’ve left messages for schwa too but still waiting to hear back.  also, i’m cooking brunch for our lovely host & hostess and want to hit a killer food market – something to rival this.  

let me know if you guys have any thoughts…

it’s sure to be a wonderful weekend – full of good food, great music and fun friends.  and yes, i’ll be blogging all about it.  cheers!

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7 Responses to chicago bound

  1. Beth Dotolo @ Hello, Splendor says:

    Have a great time, you two!! See you next weekend…
    Can't wait to see the posts of all your amazing dining experiences!

  2. perfectlastbite says:

    Thanks darling! Bummed we're missing Max's party tho… XO

  3. joie says:

    your lovely hosts are excited to see you too. and EAT amazing food with you. see you tomorrow!

  4. perfectlastbite says:

    hi joie! (welcome btw)

    all i can say, as far as this weekend goes, is … WORD.

    e & i are stoked!

  5. coarrazusa says:

    Hi you guys,just want to wish a great great 2011, best of health,happiness and success. France was just great and the date is about set. Christmas can be resumed in two words:duck and farm ???? The details will cost you a glass of wine.

  6. perfectlastbite says:

    hi chef andre! great to see your comment here :).
    i am intrigued about the two words: duck & farm! when can we pop open some wine & discuss??

  7. coarrazusa says:

    Anytime after the 1st. Iam in town till 1/18 then Argentina here I come …..again !