new year’s eve

… is one of my favorite holidays.  it’s just festive and fun, and there’s no agenda but to have a good time with your loved ones.  you always get to have a great meal – even if you’re just staying in and cooking for friends (which is one of my favorite things to do).  and you get to drink really good bottles of wine and champagne, because hey, it’s the last day of the year and you’re celebrating.

you’re celebrating not only what was, but more importantly what’s to come.  the hope that comes with a new year.  the hope that is the future…

it’s also a great time to start anew.  not start over, mind you, more like a reboot. i’m planning on lots of growth in 2011.  here’s just a few things i’m working on in the new year:

–  nurturing relationships
believing in myself
following through
not giving up

i know, i know… it’s all a bit broad.  but to expand on what each of those mean would be too long to go into here.  but speaking of here, what can you expect at perfect last bite in the new year?  well, definitely lots more recipes, (i’ve been a little lax these last few holiday weeks, i know), lots more tips on where to eat and drink and why, and lots of pics documenting the whole endeavor.  but most importantly, i hope when you come to this blog, you get a little inspiration.  whether it’s inspiration to make a new dish, to try something new, or just to get out of your comfort zone and start following your passion – whatever it is and wherever it takes you.  that’s what started this whole crazy thing afterall, right?

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