ode to the egg, part 1 – carbonara

welcome to the first of what will be many posts dedicated to the wonderful creation that is the egg.  simply amazing in design, functionality, and (most importantly) taste.

jk attempts to make (mario batali’s) carbonara

recently we had a great dinner date with one of our “foodie” couples.  i try and abstain from utilizing that overused adjective when describing food lovers, but it really applies here.  he’s italian, makes his own limoncello, and is notorious for overdoing it (by either making too much food or ordering too much at a restaurant) – which i secretly love about him.  also, he’s a talented web and graphic designer who is undaunted by html – another thing i secretly love.

she’s the menu planner with the sweet tooth, who also designs these unique baby gifts and very recently challenged herself to make a “pumpple” for thanksgiving.  for those of you who don’t know what that is (and there’s probably a lot of you!), it’s a cake with both a pumpkin and apple pie baked inside.  and yes, i will have an upcoming holiday post with pics praising that madness.

but back to our dinner date.  since we all love to cook and eat, we often bypass the babysitter (they have 2 precious little girls), grab some wine & cheese, and cook a meal in the comfort of their home.  we save money, get to have a leisurely and yummy evening, and almost always end the night with a shot of his homemade limoncello!

and where is the egg in all this?  well i recently was given some homemade pancetta from a dear friend (and master french chef!) who helped kick-start the charcuterie trend here in dallas.  he teaches classes on it (as well as a whole series of others that are just as amazing) and suggested it would be perfect for a carbonara.  i had yet to tackle this famous italian dish of pancetta, pasta, and egg and was intrigued.  i started googling for a go-to recipe and perused my cookbooks.  i settled on the pasta man himself, mario batali.  i didn’t defer from his recipe except for using some fresh black pepper linguine (instead of spaghetti) i’d picked up at the dallas farmer’s market.

chef andre’s homemade pancetta

it was divine:  creamy, spicy, & just the right amount of salt.  i think next time i’d have extra eggs or a little olive oil on hand, as it turned out a tad dry.  but anton, who’s eaten this dish in italy, said it was spot-on.  the whole dinner was really great, and in the future i’ll post these sure-to-inspire dinner party menus.  i also created a jk original:  deconstructed caesar crostini.  stay tuned for a recipe and pics!  

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5 Responses to ode to the egg, part 1 – carbonara

  1. melcrutch says:

    These look great,jk! A couple of my favorite recipes that also celebrate the greatness of eggs are – egg on a pizza (just cracked in the middle just as the pizza finishes cooking) and the croque madame. Super yum, would love to see your take on either! :)

  2. perfectlastbite says:

    Thanks Melcrutch for the feedback and support! I'll make either the pizza or the croque next time you are in Big D. That should get you to visit sooner than later… ;)! xoxo

  3. Rollin says:

    So unexpected and I loved this entry! And I love you!

  4. tanya says:

    Chef Andre is such an interesting fellow! I just loved listening to him last Thanksgiving…is that when it was?? So much fun! I just may have to attempt the carbonara as well…that looks so good and I just love Mario! love the entries, JK!!

  5. perfectlastbite says:

    Thanks TJ!. Let me know if you make the dish. E loved so I bet his bro D will too! xoxo