produce love


well… i really wanted to blog about the soup i made this week.  it’s a spicy tomatillo and shredded chicken concoction that’s full of flavor and yet light at the same time.  it’s given us several delicious meals and is great with a sauvignon blanc.  however, as sometimes happens, life has been crazed.  been getting ready for a much needed vacay plus being present with the holiday commitments that always arise this time of year.


so instead of a recipe, it’s just going be some good pics of the produce i love that make this soup (and many other things) incredibly tasty.


any of these items on their own are pretty spectacular, so just imagine the recipe for the soup i have that combines these ingredients and more.  for now though, just enjoy the pics and go buy some fresh produce this weekend.  cook and be merry, cheers!

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5 Responses to produce love

  1. joie says:

    oh man, i spent the summer so addicted to tomatillos. todd makes this green salsa using all of the ingredients pictured above and it is amazing.

  2. perfectlastbite says:

    Oooh, that sounds great. I'd love to try. Speaking of salsa should we make an appearance at one of Rick Bayless' joints?

  3. Rollin says:

    love the pictures, my darling girl! Must share some of that soup with me in the near future. Tomatillos are the BEST!!!! Cilantro, too.

  4. Anna Elder says:

    the pictures are gorgeous, but that soup sounds so delicious! i hope you will share soon!

  5. perfectlastbite says:

    Thanks Anna for the comment! I will definitely post the soup recipe soon. Especially since I just got back from Chicago (food frenzy) & need to incorporate some healthy (yet still tasty) options back into my diet.