they say it’s your birthday

today is a special day in the perfect last bite world.  my significant other for the last 7+ years, evan (or “e” as he’s referred to here) is turning a year older today.  we just went to chicago for an early birthday present so instead of doing anything major, we’re going to do what he loves to do on his birthday… just chill.  i’m thinking mani’s and pedi’s but i think he’s more along the lines of popcorn and ‘tron’.  it’ll be fun to just see where the the day takes us, ya know?  the only “celebration” we have planned is meeting up with some dear friends at the inwood lounge – a cool, old school bar, located right next to an indie film house.

e in snowy chicago

recently something came up about e & this blog, as i didn’t really think he wanted to be apart of it.  he’s pretty private and music is more his creative outlet.  but i was wrong, as if i often am.  he was looking at a photo and saying, when do i get to be in the blog?

us – dallas.

that being said, he does love a great bite and is a good-natured guinea pig – often adding ingredient ideas or at least necessary feedback.  he gets that it’s creative, it’s a passion and it’s rewarding.  what i don’t think he gets is this:  i wouldn’t really be the cook i am without him.  i wouldn’t be taking photos of our soon to become luke-warm dinners for this blog if he thought it was foolish.  or obsessively looking through rare spice shops for fennel pollen.  or simply understanding why i had to buy that le creuset dutch oven so i could finally break down a whole chicken for a coq au vin that was calling my name.

it’s for these reasons (& a zillion more) that i’m more than thrilled we have each other in our lives.  

happy birthday, babe!

us – paris.

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One Response to they say it’s your birthday

  1. joie says:

    i love evan without a beard! and evan with a beard! and you!