how’s it treating ya so far?  it’s been a bit of a whirlwind for me!  something about double digit years.  or maybe there’s something in the air.  whatever it is, i like it.  i was talking to a dear friend and telling him i thought there was something unique going on and he replied, that’s how everyone feels in the new year.  which is sorta true.
nevertheless, i still feel like it’s a special time.  a time for growth.  a time for newness.  a time for change.
in fact, i spent the weekend in a self-imposed food boot camp.  i woke up early saturday morning with no grocery list in hand and headed to whole foods.  i was on a journey.  i wasn’t getting the usual weekly basics.  instead, i walked slowly down every aisle popping items in my cart that i had heard of but hadn’t cooked with.  the goal, to clean out my pantry of old jars, half-empty containers and various dried out packages and replace those with some challenging new and unusual products.
it was awesome.  i am usually in such a hurry when i go to the store, just trying to get in & out so i can get back to the kitchen where the real fun begins.  but strolling through, with no real recipe or plan, was really refreshing.  it opens your eyes a bit.  instead of looking for a certain ingredient (and therefore not seeing what’s around it), i saw everything.
i highly encourage you to do it.  even if just to expose yourself to what’s out there.  i bought some organic ghee from india, some goats milk, various chocolates to cook with (i’m not much of a dessert person so this was a stretch for me), pureed ginger, agave nectar and various cheeses i’ve never heard of.  there’s a whole world of cuisine out there but inevitably we cook what we know.
so get out there and change it up.  life’s too short.  and it’s a new year after all!

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