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hi there.  i wanted to give you all a little update on what’s going on over at perfect last bite.  i’ve been unable to post as much as i would like.  this is partly because of my job and partly because i’m searching for a new one.
for those of you who have followed from the beginning or simply been interested and read the first post, i started this blog in an effort to have a creative outlet for my culinary passion.  i wrote my first entry with the enthusiasm of a giddy school girl.  it took me a couple of months before i even posted that first one.  i knew i wanted to do a food blog, but i also knew i needed the help from some dear friends before it could be viewable to the public. 
it’s been almost six months now, and i love the world of blogging more than i ever thought i would.  i also love the sharing aspect:  comments, recipes, photographs, bits of life, and more.  it’s both rewarding and challenging (like most good things are!).  so much so that i almost forgot why i started it in the first place:  in an effort to find a career in the culinary world.
so, that’s where i’m at.  i’m focusing on that goal and also helping make sure the wonderful agency i’ve been fortunate to work for is all buttoned up before i move on. 
my last day is very soon, and then i’m off to embark on a new journey.  i’ve got a lot of things cooking (sorry couldn’t help it).  i’ll keep you all posted, and i appreciate – more than you know – all of your love and support.

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i'm like you... a lover of food and life. i cook, i create, i photograph, i dream - i love.
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