washington, d.c.

i love our nation’s capital!  it’s full of energy, whimsy, dreams, and darn good people.  i spent the past few days there and had a terrific (albeit exhausting) time.  i was invited by my dear friend & old college roomie, who had some extra airline miles and a birthday to celebrate.  she’s been inviting me to d.c. for some time now, but i’ve been too busy to really entertain the suggestion til now.  i also felt like i could only go if i was wicked productive. 
so i said yes, but with the caveat that for her birthday (instead of going out to a fancy dinner) i’d cook a 4-course meal for her and her friends.  it would be fun for her and great practice for me.  you see, for about a year i’ve thrown around this idea of starting an underground supper club.  i’ve got the name, the logo, the certification, and a great circle of friends who have expressed interest in attending.  what i haven’t had, til now, is the time or the confidence to actually follow through.  i still have some kinks to figure out, but i’m a big step closer after what could’ve been a total debacle turned into a modest success!
unfortunately, i was so in the weeds (foreign kitchen, not enough prep time, & no sous chef in sight) that i couldn’t take a ton of pics.  the good news is i can re-create these dishes for e (who stayed home to work on a solo album he’s recording) and let him taste what he missed, plus master the recipes so i can share them with you all!
here’s the menu to get your taste buds watering…
sweet potato pancake topped with citrus-infused mascarpone and tobiko caviar
1st course:
cream of zucchini soup shooter with crostini of goat cheese, caramelized shallots, and dill
2nd course:
3rd course:
braised short ribs with garlic mashed potato purée and parsley pistou
4th course:
broiled stone fruit with gorgonzola cheese and fresh basil
all the guests brought wine, and we served the amuse with champagne and the dessert with an aged port.  i think those pairings act as great bookends for a successful dinner party.  afterward we all toasted the birthday girl and i got invaluable feedback on all of the courses.  when the guests left, with full bellies and happy hearts, i grabbed some champagne and toasted myself on a job well done – and to the beginning of what i hope to be a long line of successful, underground suppers.
what are your thoughts… would you go to an undergound dinner party?

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3 Responses to washington, d.c.

  1. Wiggler says:

    Come do one in LA!!

  2. Wiggler says:

    Again…why am I the Wiggler?

  3. coarrazusa says:

    It would be fun just to be your sous Chef. Glad you are enjoying the meaning of food and friends.