devils on horseback

another monday, another recap of a plethora of good weekend dishes!  we recently had a group of very near and dear friends over for brunch.  our pal, vinnie, who is wicked talented and a graphic design guru, was in town to help bring awareness to a truly important cause.  since they had to play a show later, we decided brunch would be better than dinner – i mean, who wants to rock out with a lot of food in their belly?

it was a huge success!  i’m not sure if it’s because the food was so tasty or because we went through all of the champagne (always a good, yet slightly dangerous, sign).  but whatever it was, it was definitely this:  awesome.

i cooked many, maybe too many, dishes:
prosciutto and smoked mozzarella frittata muffins
challah french toast with port-infused pears
roasted asparagus with fried poached eggs and hollandaise sauce
mini bisquits with bacon tomato jam and caramelized onions
bacon-wrapped tallegio-stuffed dates

as you can see, i saved the best for last.  what’s funny is the least “brunchy” dish was the biggest hit.  called “devils on horseback“ at most restaurants, this dish was so freaking delicious.  instead of the mango chutney that’s normally used, i stuffed the bacon-wrapped dates with tallegio cheese.  i’m mad for tallegio, a soft italian cheese that’s creamy, nutty, and faintly fruity.

the best thing about loving food is sharing it with your friends.  and i’m lucky to have friends who are appreciative of my passion for food & grateful that i like to stuff them silly.  my favorite response the following morning, one of many texts & emails, was this quote from a fellow “jk”:

“So again, thanks for hosting! Cooking! Entertaining! Ang says she loved everything and that’s saying something because she sometimes doesn’t like fancier, more complex foods. Her words. But her favorites were the dates. She LOVED them. Blog it!” – jon kirk
done & done.  :)

jk’s version of devils on horseback:
12 – large medjool dates
4 oz. – tallegio cheese
6 – slices smoked bacon

preheat the oven to 350º and line a baking sheet with parchment paper.  slice the dates in half, not all the way, just deep enough to remove the pit.  slice the bacon in half.  stuff the dates with a small spoonful of tallegio cheese and press the dates back together.  wrap each date with a slice of the halved bacon.  place the dates on the baking sheet (making sure the cheese-stuffed side is up – think gravity, folks) & bake for 10 minutes, until the bacon is crispy.  drain the dates on a paper towel and serve.

so good… yummy, hot, and oozing with flavor!

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5 Responses to devils on horseback

  1. Beth Dotolo @ Pulp Design Studios and Hello, Splendor says:

    It was amazing, JK! I could have stayed all day long… oh, wait. We did. I loved every minute & the food was incredible.

  2. Anton says:

    MMMM. I love bacon wrapped dates.

  3. joie says:

    it all sounds fantastic. those dates look crazy awesome.

  4. Carmie of the Single Nester says:

    So elegantly delicious.

  5. tanya says:

    Okay….we need to make these the next time we are together! Miss you!! I have lots of goodies in the garden we can create with as well!!

    Miss you!