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sooooo…  this is long overdue.  but i’ve been busy – really busy!
remember the food boot camp i mentioned that didn’t allow me to blog for a while?  well, it (excitingly) was filmed and airs starting next week on FOX!  it’s called MasterChef USA and is about to start its 2nd season.  it’s fairly massive in australia & the u.k. and aims to find the best “amateur” chef in america.  through a series of cooking challenges the top competitor will be given the title of MasterChef.

i cannot reveal any details about the show, except that i was chosen as one of america’s top 100 amateur home cooks and was flown out to los angeles to cook for the 3 judges.  maybe you’ve heard of them:  gordon ramsay, graham elliot, and joe bastianich?!  if you haven’t, then google away.  they are extraordinary men, doing remarkable work, and are a huge source of culinary inspiration.
i stumbled upon the audition rather organically, perusing some local dallas food blogs that i try to read at least once a week.  there are a ton of good ones, but my favorites are eatsblog (dallas morning news) and sidedish (d magazine).  i recall it was a thursday & that the local le cordon bleu was holding auditions in a couple of days for the next season of MasterChef.
now, i’m not really sure what the blog post said exactly.  it’s a total blur now.  but i do recall that for the audition the home cook needed to bring a dish, would have about 3 minutes to plate, and would be judged by a professional chef.  and since i started this blog full of creative wanderlust and hopeful about finding my place in the culinary world, i thought, “hmmm, this could be cool…”
ya know, as a mostly self-taught cook, my biggest feedback comes from the loved ones i cook for.  and although e usually has a few constructive critiques, for the most part my food is generally praised.  but here was a chance to have a “real” chef taste my dish and give me some feedback.  i figured, why not…  what do i have to lose?!
well, that seems like a good place to stop… for now!.
over the next few weeks i’ll be sharing all:  what happened at my audition, what happens in l.a., and what my next step is.
right now, i’ve been busy getting ready for the ride.
i’ve got a MasterChef facebook page you can like here.
a twitter account you can follow here: @jennie_kelley
an interview i did for our local dallas weekly, the dallas observer here.
and finally, a new blog design & personal website that are being created by anton & vinnie & will (hopefully) launch when the show airs, starting next week (june 6) on FOX.
much, much more to come – including tons of recipes & photographs.  stay tuned!

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2 Responses to the latest and (hopefully) greatest

  1. joie says:

    congrats, jk, so happy for you. you can bet i will be watching and following along, and if you do come to chicago to visit graham elliott any time soon, you know you have a place to stay.

  2. perfectlastbite says:

    thanks joie! we might need to plan an ole' fashioned phone call. e's not the best about planning and i here you might be here sooner than later! + you have a bday to celebrate… hmmm what should i cook?! xoxo