top 38!

hi!  can you stand it???  too cool.

i started this blog less than a year ago and now i’m one of the top 38 contestants on MasterChef – a reality food program that aims to find a gifted amateur chef and transform them into a “master”chef.

tonight, i got my apron.  which, if you don’t watch the show sounds quite odd for someone who loves to cook as much as i do.  but, if you do watch the show, then you know it means a ton more.  it means the judges, and some other people, saw a little something in me that warranted going to the next round.

now, i will say that others also deserved to go to the next round.  but i’m not in control or in charge of that.  all i can say is that this top 100 – these fellow culinary geeks who quit jobs, left loved ones, & took a huge risk – are some of the most courageous people i’ve ever met.

so this blog post is for them… and for you.  because if you see/read something in this blog that touches you and inspires you, then you understand what we all feel:  a mad yearning desire to be with food & in the kitchen, making dishes for our loved ones and for those who we may never get to meet except in this wonderful cyber world.

About Jennie

i'm like you... a lover of food and life. i cook, i create, i photograph, i dream - i love.
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7 Responses to top 38!

  1. Beth Dotolo says:

    I am so so so proud & excited! If it deserves to happen to anyone, it’s you. You have incredible integrity, huge passion, and a serious talent! So, excited for all the opportunities this can bring you!! It’s a BIG deal!!

  2. blair @ scsd says:

    Congrats to you! I’ll be sure to watch…. good luck!!

    blair @ scsd

  3. CONGRATS JK! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the new page layout!

  4. joie says:

    1. good for you. yay!
    2. did you go blonder in your publicity pics or am i making that up?
    3. love the new site design.
    4. xo

  5. Dennis DeMarco says:

    Jennie -

    I’m a relatively new fan of the Spree. I love the band and especially the choir. You girls rock – you should all tour on your own! Couldn’t fly down to the DMA show from PA but maybe next time.

    Anyway, I wish you the best of luck on the Fox show. I root for you every week. Hope you’re not intimidated by Ramsey and all. He can be really tough, but think it’s all show biz!

    - Dennis DeMarco