watching masterchef…

is quite fun but also really hard to do!  it’s difficult because we, the final 18, of tens of thousands of amateur home cooks, have no control how anything is edited and what is shown and what is not shown.  we’re also under confidientality agreements, so watching it with others is hard to do as i’m bombarded with questions i can’t answer!

masterchef viewing party at good records with judge graham elliot on the screen

that being said… i wanted to have a party with great food to celebrate my dear friends who have been instrumental in the support of my culinary journey.  we had the party at good records and after going through a couple of catering options (which fell through) i decided to cater the entire event myself.  now, catering for an unknown amount of people in a foreign environment with no kitchen in sight is something i wouldn’t have even fathomed before the show.  but my dear friend julie, who ALWAYS has vision and insight and constantly makes things happen, knew it was a good sign.

trio of crostinis: gorgonzola cheese, dried fig & honeyed walnuts/citrus infused ricotta, radish & sunflower sprouts/goat cheese, fig jam & fresh lavendar

before being on the masterchef show i would’ve had a small party with 20 or so peeps & been stressed about that.  but now we contestants are all forced to think a little larger, forced to believe in ourselves a little more and take this opportunity to raise the bar and really give it our all.  i reached out to a true master chef, chef andre bedouret, w.m.c.s, and he insisted we use a professional kitchen (thanks again mcac!).  i conceived the entire menu & we cooked for 2 days.

chef andre, w.m.c.s & jennie kelley, top 18 on masterchef

chef andre, jk, cynthia, tudi, donna, sean, bryce & seby (some of the top 100 from texas!)

the party was a massive success, so much so that everyone is asking when the next one is!  well, for now we don’t have one planned…  i am watching it in the comfort of my home with a nice bottle of wine and my computer so i can tweet live along with the top 18 and all of america as soon as the show is aired.

phyllo tarts with bacon tomato jam and caramelized onions

jk and her infamous cream of zucchini soup shooters with fresh dill

so for now enjoy these pics of the party by the wonderfully talented kevin and tune in to see what happens next.  for all of us, it’s just the beginning of much, much more… i can’t wait to share all about it with you when i can!

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4 Responses to watching masterchef…

  1. Dennis DeMarco says:

    Jennie – Though I’m the type of “cook” who can’t wait the minute it takes to microwave my store-bought frozen pizza, after watching you and the others on MasterChef, I just might try to whip up something myself. It might be a burger and vegetable, but at least it’s a start :).

    – Dennis

  2. joie says:

    cutest dress ever!

  3. Meredith says:

    Hi Jennie, I’m a fan of yours – loved watching you on masterchef! Any chance of getting that Bacon Tomato Jam recipe? it looks fabulous! Feel free to email it to me if you do not want to publish it. Thank you sooo much, and best of luck to you!

    • Jennie says:

      Hi Meridith,

      Of course… I’ve been meaning to post that and will do so in the next couple of days. Right now I’m working on a gnudi post … so once that’s up… Bacon Tomato Jam it is! Thanks for your support and let me know if there are any other recipes you desire. I’ve been so busy with the show that I’m just now diving back into full-on blog recipe mode! x