masterchef second course

i thought i’d post a little clip.   this was filmed, almost entirely by myself (hence the extreme close up shots of my face in the beginning) for masterchef.  The top 18 were sent flip phones and asked to film a segment.  this recipe for duck ragu was posted on the blog around that time & I thought it’d be cool for you all to see me cooking in the comfort of my loft… without the camera’s, judges, interviewers or DRAMA!

JK’s duck ragu video

let me know your thoughts as i’m thinking about posting some videos here and there.   cheers!

About Jennie

i'm like you... a lover of food and life. i cook, i create, i photograph, i dream - i love.
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6 Responses to masterchef second course

  1. AJB says:

    Anymore clips ? You are a TV natural and the passion simmers through. Would love to hear how the morels turned out .

    • Jennie says:

      HI Chef! That’s it for the clips (for now!). The morels were a huge hit! I made a morel risotto and garnished it with truffle-oil from Paris and fresh basil. 4 MasterChef contestants (including me) all broke bread together and toasted the future! X

  2. Robert Rutan says:

    Hi Jennie, the duck ragu looks delicious. I need to get me a pasta shredder and try to mimic your video later this week. Maybe I’ll even go to mom and dad’s and make it for them. They’d freak out. I’d like to see you on the food network with your own show. As AJB said, you are a natural.

  3. Don Howell says:

    hi Jennie. Sorry that you did not make it to the next round. You were my favorite to win. You showed great class.
    I am happy to have found you on Facebook and here.
    I’m sure a lot of followers are wanting recipes from you. I am wanting to make the duck ragu.
    You made it look so good.
    Take care, will be watching for your post.

    • Jennie says:

      Don, thank you so much for your support. I am glad you enjoyed the show and appreciated my role in the crazy world that is MasterChef. This blog is my baby and I am glad that fans of the show can appreciate and get some culinary inspiration here. Let me know if you make the duck ragu & how you like the upcoming posts!