so… i recently did an interview and was asked what the best part of my masterchef experience was and i, (sitting in the comfort of my window nook in my downtown dallas loft with my dog and a whole new culinary journey ahead), said “now”.  the reporter, paused… and i replied, “if you don’t know me, that will seem odd, but if you do, it will make complete sense.  i truly loved being a part of the show, making food friends for life (including max!) and growing under pressure”.  she actually said it seemed quite sane, at which we both chuckled, but the headline says something like i was excited about being eliminated… which i, of course, wasn’t.  but i also knew that it was a show and that everyone (except the winner) will have their day.

what i haven’t really been able to focus on, til now, is this, my baby, my blog!  i came back a little tweaked and also felt overwhelmed that after not working for 2 months i needed to find a job immediately.  thankfully i had made a great contact in the food styling world and she gave me a chance to assist her.  assisting a food stylist is similar to being in a kitchen, but everyday is a new kitchen with new recipes, so on some level i felt like i was back in the masterchef kitchen.  i also needed to establish a social identity, something i had never done (i now have 3 facebook pages, a very active twitter account and countless email addys).  then it was showtime… i had no idea how much of a time commitment the show would be after the actual taping… but it’s been a lot.  so perhaps you can understand the “now” comment and the title of this post!

one of the absolute best parts of being on the show is the confidence i gained.  i feel like now i can truly cook anything.  first: having the time to actually shop for your ingredients is invaluable.  culinary did an amazing job with what was in the pantry but i found it overwhelming to try and find things with only a few minutes and people pushing you around.  on other competitive food shows i’ve seen (romanticized!), they usually have a whole grocery store to run around in and brainstorm as they wait for the butcher to wrap the beef up.  second: research.  i really am a homecook… with only a few classes under my belt.  so, i typically will do some research, either through my extensive cookbook collection, the internet or frequenting a restaurant i like and obsessing about a dish through trial and error until i figure it out.

but NOW, i feel like cooking in my home is such a luxury that nothing is too daunting.  so bring it!  if there’s something you want to know… ask me and i’ll not only do it but i’ll have great pictures to boot.  til next time… and don’t worry it will be very soon!  X

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i'm like you... a lover of food and life. i cook, i create, i photograph, i dream - i love.
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  1. Dennis DeMarco says:

    Jennie – I’m so sad you’re no longer on @masterchef, but after rooting for you all these weeks, I detect such a glorious and delicious culinary passion that I know the best is yet to come! I loved all your dishes, and might even (when I have the guts!) attempt to recreate one myself.

    Rock on!

    – Dennis DeMarco

    • Jennie says:

      Dennis! Thank you so much for your support these past weeks. I am so glad you get it, as the best is yet to come. You should DEFINITELY try one of the recipes… there’s pics throughout to show you the way! Your words really mean a ton!

      Still Rockin, JK

  2. Lauren Popham says:

    Hey Jennie!
    We are so proud of you! You are clearly a talented and creative chef who can work well under pressure – I could never handle that stress! We were sad to see you leave Masterchef, but Justin and I loved every minute we watched you on the show. I imagine this experience will open up many opportunities for you in the culinary arts (and it sounds like it already has) – best of luck! Tell Evan and the rest of the family that Justin and I say hi :-)


  3. Holli says:

    Since you’re asking…. I would love to know how to make the perfect homestyle comfort tasting meatloaf. And also how to make the perfect rib eye steak. And….. and…. and….. :)

  4. Jihan says:

    Hi Jennie, I’m Jessica Jordan’s little sister, I found out you were on MasterChef so I’ve been watching all of the episodes on Hulu. That is so awesome that you made it so far, congratulations!

    • Jennie says:

      Thanks Jihan… I’d know that name anywhere ;). It was such a crazy-cool experience and I learned a ton. Thank you for your support… your sister is one of my most favorite friends! X

  5. Margaret says:

    My husband and I just watched the episode you were eliminated and we were both curious what your necklace reads. Could you please tell me? Good luck in all that you do!

    • Jennie says:

      Sure! My necklace is my blog: perfectlastbite. I got it as a gift to myself for getting on the show and decided to wear it for good luck. Let me know if you would like the name of designer. Hope you enjoy the blog.

  6. Nina says:

    Hi Jenny,

    I got distracted by some drama on the show and did not get a chance to pay a special attention to your peformance. But then I read what Ben Starr had to tell about you – and it was very heart-felt, then I read your website, then tried your recipes from MasterChef magazine, then bought an inventory of herbes of Provence ;) and now I have to say that I feel very disappointed that you had to leave the show early…You have such a potential! Hope to try many of your recipes going forward…What are your favorite cookbooks?
    Best of Luck to you!