definition:  the occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way.

that’s what happened this past week, and i suppose if i’m really honest, has been happening for some time now.  but even though by definition, serendipity is by chance, it also comes from being true to who you are, by following your inspiration and by being courageous enough to open a door without knowing what’s on the other side of it.

i finally opened a door that’s based both in the creative world and in the culinary world. it’s called food styling.  i have been brainstorming about what to do with my hodgepodge of life experiences for some time now and may have finally found it.

i worked with two people i’ve known for eons but have never collaborated creatively with: manny rodriguez, who is married to an amazing woman & has 2 awesome girls, uses photography and light to create amazing works of art & kristen butler, who has this uniquely open and creative spirit which i can only define as contagious.  they shared their creative hearts and passion with me and what was created is simply… beautiful.

you can check out the stories behind these photographs at manny’s food blog where he highlights the wonderful people in the kitchen who inspire us everyday but often go unnoticed.  it’s such a brilliant concept and one i am so proud to have been apart of.

so, here’s to opening more doors… and to never giving up the search for what might be on the other side.

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i'm like you... a lover of food and life. i cook, i create, i photograph, i dream - i love.
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3 Responses to serendipity

  1. Robert Rutan says:

    Hey Jennie, after last week’s episode I’ve been making a lot of Eggs benedict and am getting quite good at poaching. Food and travel are what keeps me alive. As Charles Kuralt was famous for saying, “I wonder what’s around the bend.” Ciao xoxo,