i haven’t posted as much as possible because i’ve been quite busy with this whole brand new career thing.  which is quite spectacular considering it’s been almost a year since i started this blog.   this blog that was started as a creative outlet to inspire myself, and hopefully some others, about being bitten by the culinary bug, and what to do about it.

almost a year since i really put out into the universe my desire to find a job in the culinary world.  almost a year since i started trying to find a job i like other than one i am just good at. i’ve been dangerously good at so many jobs that i forgot about my original plan… to be happy.  now don’t get me wrong i’ve had tons of happiness in my previous jobs, so much so, that it made it difficult to explore other options.  it also didn’t hurt that off and on for the last 10 years i’ve been on tour.  now that’s a job i wouldn’t change for the world and one that has molded me into the woman i am now.  but when that rock n’ roll ride subsided, i found myself going back to the burning question of what do i really want to do?

i recall seeing my mom get up and go to work with such heaviness my whole life i knew i didn’t want that.  and when i was asked as a younger woman what i wanted to be… i replied, i wanted to be happy.  pretty naive huh?  i mean, i knew the question was meant to be career oriented but i also knew that happiness and a career didn’t have to mutually exclusive.

so here i am almost a year later from when i started the blog and many, many years later from when i was first asked what i wanted to be.  i feel excited to share that i think i might be on the right track to finding a career in the culinary world that’s wonderfully fulfilling, creative and inspired.

and maybe, just maybe, on the road to happiness… almost.

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i'm like you... a lover of food and life. i cook, i create, i photograph, i dream - i love.
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2 Responses to almost

  1. Robert Rutan says:

    Happiness….YES!!! Work is an obligation the body has to engage in to make a living. Nobody ever said it has to be difficult or boring or pure drudgery. You’ve chosen very well grasshopper…from music to food…life’s pleasures at there best. I hope to one day meet you over those pleasures. xoxo Rob

  2. Kara Gehret says:

    LOVE THIS. Super inspiring to a gal who longs to freelance … and cook … and cook some more.