stylin’ and profilin’

so i’ve been asked a lot lately what i’ve been up to since the show, and sometimes innocently in casual conversation from acquaintances who are making small talk. when i reply “food styling,” there’s an inevitable pause and then usually the response “um… what’s that?” that question is hard to answer, as it’s truly a lot of different things depending on the job and the client. in a nutshell, it’s a medley of cooking and styling food in an appetizing manner so it’s ready to be photographed or filmed.

jk's food styling spread for artizone photographed by manny rodriguez for fdluxe (and yes, i know this photo veers out past the right side of the blog frame, but unfortunately don't know how to fix it)

i’m sometimes asked if i shoot the food… which i can’t help but chuckle at, considering the caliber of photographers i get to work with are in a completely different league. often there is also a prop stylist who chooses the background and dishes (props) to help achieve the overall look. on this particular job, the photographer and i did it all… including choosing the dishes, placement of the food, and even arranging the flowers.

i’ve been freelancing in this unique field since april, and it’s been such a wonderfully turbulent ride. i chalk the turbulence up to the newness of the job and just wanting to know everything immediately, but the wonderfulness balances it all out in the sense that i get to work in new kitchens with new recipes everyday, learn tricks of the trade, and am surrounded by people who love food.

i created this blog out of a strong desire to find a job in the culinary world, and even though i’m not posting as much (for now) it’s only because i’m sinking my teeth into this new career. i’m so pleased to have something tangible to show for all this hard work and to encourage you to continue to come back here to see what’s cooking and/or what looks good to cook. cheers!

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i'm like you... a lover of food and life. i cook, i create, i photograph, i dream - i love.
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2 Responses to stylin’ and profilin’

  1. Robert Rutan says:

    Hey Jennie, congratulations!!! You are so creative on so many levels. You must be very proud. Your photo is excellent. It conveys the idea of three hour dinners with close family, good friends and great food. I can almost smell the salami and cheese. xoxo

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