friends, love… and thanks

this year, as family was going to be out of town and i was leaving for nyc the day after, i decided to host thanksgiving-eve. it was to be a great party, full of tasty treats, delightful drinks and friends of all ages. it was to be the first celebration of a great holiday and hopefully a tradition in the making. it was to remind us that ‘friends’ are the family we get to pick and to celebrate the past and toast the future.

roasted mushroom crostini with foie gras butter and purple kohlrabi

sliced and baked yukon potatoes with brown butter and parmesan

and guess what… it was all of the above and much much more. old friends and new friends reunited. kids and adults mingled as one, well that’s maybe because i’m friends with a lot of big kids ;). i yelled at my mentor (sorry chef) because i never edited my menu and kept adding things throughout the day. and a love connection happened between a shy 3 year old and a feisty 5 year old.

a medley of some of the spread before...

... and after.

but that’s what good friends are for – to watch you when you struggle and not judge, understand what you’re going for and support your efforts and to celebrate this intricate thing called life that we are all doing our best to live to the fullest.

cheers, love… and thanks.

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4 Responses to friends, love… and thanks

  1. Robert Rutan says:

    I wish I could attend one of those parties some day. Salud, Prost, Cheers!!!

  2. John Vineyard says:

    That woulda been worth flying into town for….