it’s been such a busy whirlwind of a ride recently that i’m just now coming up for air. since my last post, hosting thanksgiving-eve for 25 of my nearest and dearest friends (and their little ones too) – there’s been a trip to nyc, several exciting food styling gigs and an inspired holiday rock show.

my mantra...

which is why i’m so excited to have a little bit of a breather now – just in time to decompress and get ready for the holiday season. in the next few days, i’ll be blogging all about the awesome food finds that were discovered in the big apple. i’ll also be sharing a new editorial that just came out in D-Home magazine (i still can’t believe it’s my 2nd spread to be published in the past month – pinch me now!). and of course, perhaps most importantly, some terribly tasty dishes to get you through the holiday season.

instead of the classic christmas dishes (you’ll be seeing that everywhere) i’m going to focus on meals and menus you can create ahead of time: dishes which will allow your taste buds to have a bit of a different flavor and allow you to have time to do all the things you need to do for the holidays.

even if that’s just finding time to breathe.

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