happy new year

geez… is it a new year already? let’s do a recap… what was last year’s post?? okay, so that’s good, those are all pretty fine resolutions. but what about the future… what do we here at plb want out of 2012?

my first food styling test with manny rodriguez & kristen butler for gastrofotonomia.com

well for sure we are going to blog more. i know, you’ve heard that before. but in my defense i have started this whole food styling career that has kept me wonderfully busy. i’ve also been planning the beginning stages of an underground restaurant concept with someone you may know (and definitely love) from the show. more on that to come… ;).

with 2 GREAT culinary minds from my run on masterchef

but mostly i’m going to keep saying yes, which feels odd to say as i’ve always considered myself to be positive, but this past year i started saying yes even more and it’s been pretty great. there have been several times when my initial instinct was to say no, or i started to come up with an excuse of why i shouldn’t or couldn’t, but then, i just stopped myself… and said yes. what’s really the worst that can happen? i go on a reality television show and risk being humiliated in front of millions? oh, wait, i’ve already done that! and even though that experience was out of my control and a little crazy, it allowed me to gain a bit of a foothold in the food world, show people that i’m serious and make some wonderful culinary friends for life… something i wouldn’t trade for anything in the world.

so say yes in 2012… what do you have to lose? life is short, fleeting and so truly necessary to live to the fullest. happy new year,

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i'm like you... a lover of food and life. i cook, i create, i photograph, i dream - i love.
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8 Responses to happy new year

  1. Kara Gehret says:

    How about you book a food styling gig in STL and take me under your wing as your assistant. Cool? Awesome. Cheers to saying yes in 2012!

  2. Ben Starr says:

    And I am excited to learn much from you in 2012! YES!

  3. Jennie, you are such a beautiful person! Love your blog, and love your quote: “i’m like you… a lover of food and life. i cook, i create, i photograph, i dream – i love”~ your took the words right out of my heart! I hope to meet you one day! Blessings to you for this very exciting new year 2012!