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holy smokes, january flew by! it’s been a little crazy & i’ve just been trying to hold on tight and enjoy the ride. i’ve kept true to my 2012 resolution of saying yes and it’s been quite rewarding.

the beginning of the month was filled with some awesome & sometimes challenging food styling jobs. at one point, at the end of a long day, my awesome photographer said, “you passed!”. and i thought, damn that was kind of a test, wasn’t it?!

food styling... behind the scenes

i was also fortunate to be apart of a truly unique collaboration with some of my favorite people in the business. it was a medley of creativity as we all played our different roles: cooking, styling & shooting. at the end, we sat down together, broke bread and just enjoyed the mood we had worked so hard to create. looking forward to sharing with you, but it’s so amazing it deserves it’s own post.

since then i’ve shifted gears a bit and embraced the contagious spirit that happens when the polyphonic spree unite. we have been busy rehearsing and just embarked on our first US tour in several years. we’ve got a new look, new songs, and a sense of purpose that sometimes only arises when you take a break. like one of my dear friends recently said, sometimes you must take a break from running and just walk.

so here we are, on the 2nd day of tour, amidst the rural beauty of oklahoma, after a long walk. we have stretched, laced up, and are ready… to… go!

some of the polyphonic spree ladies with our new trademarked look

stay tuned as our exciting adventure will be stopping in your neck of the woods soon. oh, and if you have any suggestions for some yummy food, let me know… so far string cheese has been the highlight of my everlasting search for the perfect last bite. :)

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