is a new day at perfect last bite. for so long i have been juggling what the perfect last bite is… versus what it used to be. and it’s this contemplation that has really held me back as far as what i want each post to be and mean.

i thought every post had to have this… story. this beginning, middle and end. but what i’ve realized is that, although that is great sometimes, it can also be quite limiting. and this is why:  when you are in the thick of it, living life hard, with passion and taking chances that sometimes don’t have an obvious outcome you can’t really weigh in on what the middle and end are going to be.

what i am committed to is the now… the journey. i’m unlocking this self-induced writers block and am ready to share the search for the perfect last bite… wherever that might be found. for the perfect last bite is not only about food, it’s also about art, music and love. i suppose in it’s most simplistic terms it’s about living ones life to the fullest and never giving up on the search for finding something special and yummy and memorable.

til next time…

About Jennie

i'm like you... a lover of food and life. i cook, i create, i photograph, i dream - i love.
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  1. Robert Rutan says:

    Hi Jennie, just remember, a page a day gets a book a year. This blog so eloquently represents the vibe of what I’ve always felt about you. The joy and happiness of living life to it’s fullest is obvious with your love of music, cooking, friends and travel. Life is definitely a long strange trip and though the course may change sometimes, river always reach the sea (Dead and Led Zep) …. Peace, love, music, cooking and close friends, xoxo