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challah french toast with port infused pears and fresh raspberries

paste magazine recently reached out to musicians to find out some of their favorite recipes. super excited to be included but also being on tour, i was extra stoked that i had a tried-and-true french toast recipe in the bag. it also helped that my dear & talented friend kevin dotolo had provided me with such great images after a wonderful brunch i prepared for him and some of my dearest friends a few months back.

brunch is one of those meals that i just adore… it usually lasts a while (well, with my group of friends it does) and allows people to chill and catch up at the same time. the dishes can be done a bit ahead of time so when you’re guests arrive you can spend more time with them. sauté the pears with brown butter and then reduce with a cup of tawny port. set aside, covered, and then drizzle atop the french toast when it’s time to eat, so it’s nice & warm.

finally, right before serving, add some fresh (seasonal) fruit and a dusting of powdered sugar. pop the champagne, pour the mimosas and partake in time with those that matter most.

and after that… check out the link below to see some other great musicians and like-minded culinary minds.

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