hey ol’ friends

i shan’t even begin to apologize for my posting delay. believe me, i am more regretful about it than anyone else will ever be. what i will do is start posting about what’s been going on behind the scenes of plb.

our band, the polyphonic spree, has been busy in 2012, much busier than we have been in some time. it’s been quite exciting! but it’s also been a bit of an adjustment. computer access is available, but not widely so, beyond our smart phones. therefore, blogging has been a bit of a hurdle. on top of the fact that there is no privacy, no place to write, and no time to really gather your thoughts.

when you’re on the road, each day brings a new city, a new venue, and an innate overall newness that really prohibits any downtime. it’s great but different, and as i’m writing this i think one upcoming blog post should be a day in the life of touring.

and how about this… another blog post will document the food and cuisine of the south when our band cut through oklahoma to atlanta, then back through down to new orleans and austin.

and another will feature food experiences of our most recent tour up the beautiful west coast. all i can say is oysters galore. btw, i think i might have a problem there… but that’s a whole other story.

on top of touring, this year has brought an abundance of wonderful food styling experiences, which i am humbled to have been a part of. my dear friend manny rodriguez’s food blog, gastrofotonomia.com, was chosen as a finalist in savuer magazine’s best food blogs of 2012. the result has yet to be released… but i’m confident he’s already won. i love his blog, what it’s about, and am so fortunate to have styled several of the stories.

and then there’s frank. my underground restaurant that i have started with ben starr. it’s been a kernal of an ideal for so long, and i’m beyond stoked that it is finally a beautiful reality.

so there you have it. a brief recap of what’s been going on and a little carrot of what’s to come!

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