neiman marcus, the book

a while back i had just purchased a cheap ticket on virgin to los angeles… i had kind of a light week food styling and thought it’d be good to see some dear friends. well, within the half hour, i got a call for a project i could not pass up. i was asked if i would style the food for an entire spread in an upcoming nm book. well without hesitation i said yes, called my la friends and let them know the trip was postponed and then allowed the anxiety to kick in. you see, the book is kind of an institution. not just in dallas but nationally. it is beautiful, with this thick heavy stock, great photography and features the latest & greatest neiman marcus goodies. food isn’t in it so much… but for this particular spread it would be needed.

one of the final images from my spread for neiman marcus, the book, april 2012

it was my first time for a lot of things, shooting on location (in an unfamiliar kitchen), tons of food to prep and cook (with no assistant) & again, all for a very prestigious client. but, as you may recall from this post I am saying YES to everything in 2012 and even though it was a little daunting, i didn’t let it show and just “yessed” my way through it all.

a close up of our hero shot

anytime i get to do a cheese tray i am stoked... and not just because of the left overs ;)

you'd be surprised of all the different colors "tea" can be and how to find the perfect one for various lighting situations

i was pleased to use my mother's famous lemon pie recipe for this pic - although i added the blueberries and zest on top for texture and color

for some reason the food shot i was most nervous about and also most pleased with...

overall my favorite shot from the spread... i love the stairs in the mirror and the subtle touches throughout the bar

at the end of the two day shoot we were beat and the homeowners were ready to have their home back to normal. on the last shot, the hero shot at the top (with the al fresco theme and the lights strung above), we were losing light and we literally had all hands on deck trying to get the food out for the shot. it was very guerrilla food styling for a brief moment with pa’s bringing me dishes to fill and me jumping in to tweak this and that while the photographer grabbed the perfect shot… but that’s what it’s all about. the adrenaline, the camaraderie, the sense of accomplishment when you are done and then the thrill of seeing the printed version. at the end of the shoot, the photographer joked, “well you passed…” and i replied, “i knew you were testing me!”.

and one more final image from my food styling spread, for neiman marcus, the book, april 2012

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7 Responses to neiman marcus, the book

  1. joie says:

    utterly beautiful. thanks for making me hungry. you’re amazing.

  2. christina warsheski says:

    when is this book due out? it looks amazing !

    • Jennie says:

      Christina, it is out… but you have to be a NM subscriber I think. I got copies because I did the job. Although, there may be other ways to get…

  3. Amy Young says:

    Way to go Jennie! I’m so happy for you and all of your successes! You did such a wonderful job.

  4. Hilary Liston says:

    It looks great! I showed Bob and we talked about how awesome you are! :)