the road

the view from the window on our way to new orleans

traveling on the road is definitely long and winding, especially with the polyphonic spree. as our group averages around 15 – 20 people, we are not only the band, but also the crew. i always joke we need t-shirts that read “band” on the front and “crew” on the back.

our beloved bus, navigated by the talented rich banas, that carried us up and down both the east and west coasts

our band took a little break over the last few years. we’d been going hardcore since our inception and the downtime was good. it allowed a lot of us to nurture other aspects of ourselves and forced everyone to ask, when the band booked three back-to-back tours this year, would it be worth it to put everything else on hold?

and you know what, it was! our band is tight right now, wickedly focused, and very much passionate about putting on an amazing live show. thanks to everyone who came out and supported us on phases 1 thru 3… and to those of you who stopped by the merch booth to talk music, food and other passions.

post daytrotter session in san francisco

a moving video & glimpse into our band (click on the link to check it out). it was filmed at the beginning of our last tour in ft. worth, texas. it’s quite cool.

a birds eye peak from the sound board with eric shenyo at the wheel

speaking of the road, a lot of people these days ask where i got my culinary bug from. and i can see the confusion when i don’t say my mom or grandmother (although my mom is a great cook). instead, i confess, it was on the road. when i was young my mom worked two jobs to support us and i was a latchkey kid, with an imaginary friend named biff who i pretended was my butler (weird, i know). i lived on cheeseballs and kraft mac n’ cheese. my mom busted it out on the holidays when we had more people to cook for, but i was busy hanging with my cousins and being in the kitchen with the grownups seemed boring. as i got older, i was occupied with my friends and school, and even though there was a tasty dinner most nights, it didn’t really register with me the way food does now.

a medley of some of my favorite pics from last tour

but on the road, traveling to different cities, different countries even, i got bitten. wherever i was, i wanted to find a good restaurant. i wanted to try what that city or neighborhood was all about. i would save up my per diems and spend them on a good meal. i’d settle for the rider food, or my stash of tasty charcuterie and bread in my bunk, until a decent meal could be found (although, i admit, i can tell you every item on a chili’s menu – airports, ya know). the longer we traveled, the more i got into it, and i even started keeping a journal of different places with my favorite dishes and restaurants.

there’s something about the road that makes you feel alive. i don’t know if it’s the energy of the shows or the beauty that comes from seeing different cities & different cultures, but it’s true. as kerouac said, “our battered suitcases were piled on the sidewalk again; we had longer ways to go. but no matter, the road is life”.  i couldn’t agree more.

new york city 2012

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